Modern Square Ceramic Shower Shelves

My new square bathroom shower shelves can be arranged in many useful and interesting combinations with your imagination

modern shower shelf4modern bathroom shower

Customer supplied pictures of my modern shower shelves installed

modern shower shelves34

Customer install modern shower shelves.

bathroom ceramics modern bathroom shower shelf shampoo and soap holder

Shown above thes newly designed ceramic bathroom shower shelves provide clean lines for your modern shower.

Modern-shower-ceramic-shelf-12inch*modern bathroom shelves

12" x 3" x 3" modern design ceramic shampoo shelf. 16" Square modern with 3x3 square and 3" round toiletry Hooks.

shower shampoo caddies

Flat back 12x3x3 modern shower shelves adhered with 2 part epoxy mix.

designer niche shelf

Cobalt blue, white, seafoam green, black square shower shelves.

modern bathroom shower shelf

Some of the modern 12" square shower shelf colors.

bathroom tile shower self square modern shower shampoo shelves